Snow and Co. with Cora and Co.

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An ex once recommended we check out Snow and Co. before we broke up. When the relationship fizzled out, and was admittedly rebound dating, I mentioned Snow and Co. The date itself was horrible and in my gut I should’ve ended the date when he constantly reminded me that California, where he’d just moved from, was way better than Kansas City as if it were some sort of knee jerk response to everything I said. Well if it’s so much better, why don’t you just get back in your Mercedes and go back? The only good thing I got out of that date was a free pair of Ray-Bans he decided to give me and some damn good drinks from Snow and Co. that helped make that date much easier.

If the name isn’t enough of an indication, Snow and Co., located in the Crossroads district of KC, specializes in making snow cones…with alcohol. Think of every time you’ve sucked down a slurpee from 7Eleven and thought, “This would be better with alcohol in it.” Or anytime you have added alcohol to your favorite slurpee and it just didn’t taste quite right. Well Snow and Co. has you covered, specializing in “artful frozen cocktails”, as their website proudly boasts, drinking an alcoholic frozen drink is now classy and not something you have to sip out of those bags you can buy from your local grocery store.

My Friday trip to Snow and Co. makes my fourth or fifth visit; another visit in which I was introducing a few friends to the bar. While my friends, Sam and Andrew, settled for two small flights, my boyfriend, Brent and I went for the full flight. The full flight is a great experience for first time visitors; it gives you the opportunity to try all the frozen drinks on the menu, including their seasonal cocktails–this summer’s seasonal cocktails feature the Lovely Rita, the Pink Slipper, the Fashionista and the O’Connell. While the full flight it great for newcomers, it’s also great for those of you who have several favorites and have a hard time choosing one drink like Brent and myself.

And if you’re worried about these drinks not hitting the boozy mark for you; don’t. Brent was nice enough to be my D.D. and so, I had the honor of double-fisting double-shot glasses of spiked snow cone and muscling through several brain freezes. Sam and Andrew chuckled at my “I-didn’t-do-it” face as I shameless sucked down the last few shots of our flight. Needless to say, since I was “carrying the team” so to speak, I got a decent buzz and needed a little something; I hadn’t had dinner after all. Thankfully. Snow and Co.’s food, or noshings as they call them, are just as heavenly as their drinks. The four of us settled on their famous made in-house hummus and pita and Tuscan flatbread pizza; both were equally filling and delicious. The hummus is sinfully smooth and topped with tapenade and served alongside warm, perfectly seasoned pita. The hummus is so good, our server even admitted that he has taken some home one time or another whenever he’s in trouble with his wife. The Tuscan flatbread pizza featured basil, portabella and sun-dried tomato covered with just the right about of cheese. Because, who doesn’t love cheese?

Snow and Co. is a great pace to get together with friends if you’re looking for something summery, low-key and lacking the hustle and bustle that comes with the Power and Light District. Their notoriety in the Kansas City area has allowed them to open another location in Gladstone for those of you Northlanders who don’t want to venture into the city to get your fix. While I haven’t been to the Gladstone location, I plan to make the trip soon to give both locations some love.

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