Swirl “swirls” with The Roasterie

French Press Swirl Blend

French Press Swirl Blend

The first time I ever went to Swirl wine bar, I was on a date with a guy in which I had tasked myself to write a story about a blanket he owned (yes, I had his permission). I brought a notebook into the bar to take notes and needless to say everyone that sat next to us thought that was pretty odd, even the bartender.  But that didn’t really bother me. I’m used to being the odd duck and a bar that showcased wines on tap seemed pretty odd to me. So, I suppose it was only natural that I would end up being a regular at Swirl.

On most days of the week, I would swing by to have a glass of wine to decompress after a long day of work. But, last Friday night warranted a change in routine as Swirl’s owner, Heather launched her own wine inspired coffee blend, compliments of KC’s very own The Roasterie. Though I missed the initial kick off earlier that afternoon, Heather was nice enough to give me a late night sample. Being one that usually drinks coffee as a survival tactic, I’m used I’m taking more cream and sugar than coffee. However, bogging down my coffee with my usual ingredients would mask the flavor Heather had worked to create. So for the sake of sensory exploration, I limited myself to a single packet of sugar.

Despite being minimally sweetened, I found the coffee to be quite flavorful. The coffee itself is very bold as I had to cut myself off after two cups but is still easy to drink and may find itself becoming a favorite among coffee drinkers that prefer a lighter blend. Playing as a “red wine coffee” with distinctive berry notes and hints of chocolate, this blend could be apotential new best seller for the bar. And Heather already has plans to give this coffee more of a kick than just caffeine.

Even after being open for almost two years, Heather is still coming up with unique ways to improve and grow her business with activities like “Dare to Dabble” and her freshly launched wine club. Swirl also hosts private parties as well as events sponsored by Match.com. Swirl’s eclectic assortment of events makes for attracting people of all walks of life and ultimately makes for a pleasant and unique experience and its unique Roasterie blend will be a perfect addition to the family. Did I mention that it’s French press?

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