Fall makes for thirsty skin

With Fall finally gracing Kansas City with its presence, things are about to get ugly for your skin and none of you are immune. Dark and pale people alike are afflicted by dry skin during the colder months and it always seems like you can’t put on enough lotions/oil/other moisturizing products to keep that beautiful skin from chapping. But, you shouldn’t panic because there are plenty of people out there that know and feel your pain. I recently found a local artisan who makes a fantastic body butter that your skin will drink up like you suck down cocktails on a Friday night. I found Suz soap while sampling wines at Independence uncorked. 

Quite frankly Susan, the owner, caught me at a good time; not only were the wine samples starting to get to me but, I will put money down on handmade product pretty much any day. I didn’t spend much time at her table, it really only took me a few seconds to decide I really needed her amazing butters in both lavendar and eucalyptus mint and I’m extremely glad I gave them a shot. The container and packaging may be simple but this goodness is mixed with herbs and essential oils and whipped to perfection. Not to mention it does your skin some serious favors. The minute it touched my skin, it was melting. While it could’ve been because I’m a total babe 😉 , it may have had something to do with the light and airy texture of the butter. Unlike some body butters that can be hard to slather on, the texture of this buteer made for easy application and left my skin feeling soft, supple and non-greasy. The mint eucalyptus scent is also great for exfoliating. 

The powdered mint leaves double as a gentle exfoliant which makes this body butter a good companion for dry winter feet. Although I’m not quuite in need of a refill on Susan’s body butters, I still feel like I need more. If I fall too much in love, I may have to try her soaps as well. If you want to find out how to get your hands on Susan’s magical butters and soaps, check out her Facebook page. If you’ve been lucky enough to meet Susan and try out her products let me know in the comments and send a like her way!! 

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