Burger Week = Meat Coma

I know we are all coming down from that good good World Series high. Believe me, I’ve been feeling it so hard, I haven’t been able to talk about a little event that was was sponsered by The Pitch; $5  Burger Week. And with Thanksgiving on it’s way, my blogging has been lost in the shuffle, but there is no time like the present to talk about stuffing my face. A bit of pre-Thanksgiving binging, if you will. If any of you guys got to capitalize on this sweet deal, which burgers did you try? Brent and I only got the change to hit up two spots but, both were amazing and a definite steal at their $5 price mark.
Night #1 Brent and I visited Charlie Hoopers, not only to watch the Royals secure their spot in the World Series over the Toranto Cardinals but also to snag a signature Hickory burger. If you love bacon and barbeque—which I’m sure you do if you’re from KC—you will definitely love this burger.  It may be a simple burger; a tender pattie topped with gouda and cheddar cheeses, fried onions, bacon and BBQ sandwiched between a farm to market pretzel bun, but you will have a good time getting dirty with this burger. I’m serious, I was an absolute mess by the time I was finished; it probably should’ve come with a few wet wipes.


Charlie Hooper’s Hickory burger


Night #2 required a wee treck to Leawood to check out the Red Door Grill. While some of you may view Leawood as the more “high brow” part of the  Greater KC area, there is nothing refined about the “Sweet Cheeses” burger—at least not when eating is involved. Decked out with swiss and cheddar cheeses including a grilled cheese fritter along with sriracha mayo, tomato and lettuce, you might want to fast for the day. Even though Brent and I managed to finish our burgers along with a side of fries, I did warn him that he may have to roll me out to the car. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Let’s talk about this grilled cheese fritter because it took the Sweet Cheeses to a completely different level for me. The minute you bite into the burger that fritter breaks and starts dripping some delicious cheesy ooze onto your plate (or your shirt, whichever you prefer). But, don’t waste it; use those fries of yours to scoop up that cheese and BOOM that burger-cheese-fries combo just took you to food Nirvana. And if you missed burger week, that’s okay; Red Door Grill offers the Sweet Cheeses burger for eight bucks during their Burger Monday special. Sure that’s more than five dollars but, $8 is still a pretty sweet deal. 😉

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