Narwhal Heats up as the Temperature Drops

I recently came home from another weekend in St. Louis with my boyfriend, Brent. Since he started grad school we have been through quite the adjustment period with him moving to St. Louis, i.e. The Rival city, coordinating visits and of course just getting used to not seeing each other whenever we want. The good thing that came out of this is that I get to see another part of the state so it’s kind of like a mini vacation and I get to explore another city the way the locals do it.

When I saw the ad for Narwhal’s Crafted Urban Ice in Feast magazine, I knew I had to try it. Any of you out there who have read my post on Snow and Company know how much I LOVE alcoholic slushies; it’s like your childhood mixed with adulthood as I’ve heard someone say. Narwhal’s is a recent addition to downtown St. Louis and while its grand opening was on October second, right at the start of fall, there was still a good presence of people interested in the new snow cone bar. The grand opening even featured 25% off your drinks, that included the flights! While I absolutely love Snow and Company—I probably introduce someone to that bar at least once a month—I have to give St. Louis some serious props on its Urban Ice bar.

The first thing I noticed was how affordable the cocktails were without skimping on quality. Brent’s favorite drink was the strawberry basil lemonade, which featured blended basil and strawberry; very refreshing, earthy. I was actually very surprised how much I also liked this cocktail considering that I find a lot of basil very overpowering. My favorite was the blackberry mint mule which featured Narwhal’s own brewed in-house ginger beer. What makes the price point so approachable is the fact that Narwhal’s is situated just down the street from St. Louis University but still provides an atmosphere that appeals to students and “townies” alike.

Another win for Narwhal’s are their flights. While Snow and Co provides various flight varieties, even the “flight of all” option, Narwhal provides flights of three 7oz pours. But it gets better, the flights are only $12. In short, I was able to consume a lot of alcoholic goodness for very little green. I haven’t tried all of the flavors yet but, thankfully I have many more trips to St. Louis and even more chances to swing by Narwhal’s for a little slice of “childhood mixed with adulthood”.

Check out Narwhal’s menu here and look into planning a visit, it’s only a three and a half hour drive away (or five and a half hour train ride if you’re like me).

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