2019: A Year in Review

Happy new year! We have officially survived a full decade and the first full week of 2020. In just ten short days I have been a busy bee, laying down some intense groundwork. Groundwork that I have either neglected or never thought to do before (perhaps a combination of both), to make sure that 2020 is a year that propels this blog, and your experience as the reader, forward. But before I get ahead of myself, I have to address 2019.

So 2019 was a year of highs, a year of lows and a year of breakthroughs: I experienced a break up that, for the first time, resembled a divorce more than your usual break-up, I got into the habit of posting more consistently on the blog, I did my first collaboration with a blogger I absolutely admire, I also did my first giveaway with said blogger, I attended some of my first networking events for my blog, and I became a brand ambassador for a local business I adore.

Despite my painful break-up, one thing I remember my ex telling me was if blogging was my passion, I needed to feed it, not starve it. It was remembering that conversation that I had an aha moment: Why wasn’t I investing in my passion? Was I not as passionate about my blog as I thought? What was I afraid of?

So a bit of thought journaling, a weekend getaway to California, and a vision board later I realized that I would have to put aside my fears and put in the work if I want to create a better Keeping Up with the City.

1. Dream Life Journal

The Dream Life Journal is a local creation made by the great Jenna Murillo of Workspacery (You didn’t really think I was going to go through this whole post without mentioning something local right?!). I bought this journal back in November and originally planned to start using it at the beginning of 2020, but decided that I would start using it then to get some positivity flowing in my life.

The Dream Life Journal is designed to map out your affirmations of the day, express gratitude, lay out your goals (big or small) and any reframed challenges for the day.

Since using the journal, I have tweaked how I fill it out to maximize what I get out of the lay out. In the “goals + desires” section, I layout one goal, My One Thing, that will set me up for success for the rest of the day if I complete it. I also add it a little punishment for myself if I don’t complete the task I set out to do. In addition, I also use the notes section at the bottom to write down a brag, a gratitude and a desire to not only build confidence but also manifest more of what I want.

2. Develop a Solid Morning Routine

I recently developed a morning routine for myself that I playfully call my “Piss Excellence” routine, which consists of waking up the first time my alarm goes off (implementing the 5 second rule if necessary), playing a meditation exercise, and putting on a mindset. Coaching or business tips podcast to listen to while I wash my face.

Once all of that is done, I take about 10 minutes to write in my Dream Life Design Journal before beginning my day. Starting the day off this way, allows me me to start the day off in a positive, grateful and motivated state of mind. I generally leave my journal out next to my planner so that I can refer to my daily affirmation, my One Thing and even the gratitude section in case my day takes turn in a less positive direction.

3. Hire a Business Coach

This was a huge step for me. I have wanted a business coach for a long time now, but I never felt like I could afford it. However, after reading you are a Badass at Making Money, I realized that sort of “small” thinking wasn’t getting me any closer to running a sweet ass blog. I was also reminded of the conversation with my ex about feeding my passion and I decided that regardless of how financially taxing it felt, I was going to invest in myself, get myself a coach and do whatever she told me to.

I had initially looked at a virtual coaching option, but decided instead that I wanted someone local who I could meet with in-person and would have in-town recourses to provide me.

4. Read a Little Bit of Self-Help

As an English major, it’s probably not a surprise that I don’t really read a lot of self-help. There’s not really much of a reason why other than the fact that I have always through of self-help as dry and boring. But, I think a self-help book addressing any deep seeded beliefs you might have is a good reason to break up all the fiction I generally read.

I have curated a little list of self-help books that I want to get through for the year. I finished You are a Badass at Making Money not long after the stroke of the new decade and will be moving onto The Charge by Brendon Burchard.

5. Follow Creative Nudges

Following creative nudges is harder than it seems for me and surely, other people. I have sparks of inspiration quite often, I have since I was a child, but I have to admit the number of times I cast them aside is way higher than the number of times I follow them. But, it has to be addressed that is was a creative nudge that pushed me towards my business coach and it was a creative nudge that pushed me to inquire about becoming a Made in KC Explore contributor toward the end of last year. Despite it being only ten days into the new year, I am happy to say that I am now a Made in KC Contributor.

Even though the year is off to a running start, there was also several months of prepping, taking risks, and mindset coaching that led to this accomplishment. And it will only take more of this inner and outer work to keep the momentum that I have started, going. But I am willing, strong and ready.

What 2019 accomplishments are you proud of? Have you done any inner work to start moving towards your goals? Have you tried any of the same strategies I have? Tell me everything.