Local Spoils for your Fur-children

Stella and Charley

You love your dogs. Of course you do. If they walk funny for two paces, you’ve already called the Vet to make an appointment, you go absolutely overboard on the food you buy (only the best for your little prince/princess), and you consistently allow them to break rules you’ve set like, “you’re not allowed on the couch” and “you can only come on the bed if you’re invited.”

I get it. Your dogs are the real masters of the house. Mine are too, but despite my efforts to shop mostly local, I often neglect shopping local for the poochies. In an effort to rectify this, I have put together a list of products made especially for your pups (sorry cat lovers).

1. Dog Treats by PawsAbilities

I recently bought these treats for the girls during the Virtual Strawberry Swing a few weeks ago. PawsAbilites is a non-profit that works with young adults with special needs to develop critical skills needed for the workforce. And what better way to develop these skills than by making dog treats, up cycled dog toys, and even bandanas? The first thing I noticed upon opening the bag was how fresh these treats were and Charley and Stella were all about them. Stella loved her treat so much she had to run away to eat it, because clearly I wanted a bite. This organization has a such a unique program, I knew I had to give their treats a try and judging by the reception, I might be buying another bag soon.

If you find yourself buying these treats a lot, PawsAbilities even offers a monthly treat delivery service.

2. Bug Repellent by Verdant Oils

Verdant Oils Bug Repellant: Dog and human approved

I initially bought this bug spray at the Fall Chick event last year for the fur children, but the great thing about this Bug Repellent is that you can use it too! Verdant oils is a local company that sells single blend essential oils, oil blends and other home and body products with, of course, their own signature oils. Think of them as Young Living, but way more affordable and without the pressure to join anyone’s team. Verdant oils is owned by a trio of women who are passionate about the science behind their oils and all of their recommended uses. This bug repellent isn’t riddled with chemicals and has been very effective in saving me and the four-legged babies from countless mosquito bites.

3. Dog Beer by Beer Paws

That’s right, I’m guilty of giving my dogs beer. Dog beer that is! I have bought dog beer for Charley way before her sister, Stella ever came on the scene and she absolutely LOVES it. This is a great way to entice your dogs to eat their food or just as a special treat. Charley, seriously can’t get enough of the stuff. I suppose it might only be fair to give Stella her first sip soon.

Beer Paws not only makes their signature dog beer, they also sell dog treats made from recycled barley and grains from regional breweries. To really show your pride as a cool dog parent that lets their pooch drink (but, only in the house), they also offer beer koozies and and bottle openers.

1. Y.U.M. Bar Sap by Indigo Wild

Charley’s first bath with Indigo Wild’s Y.UM. bar

When I first adopted my pitbull, Charley, her coat was very patchy and had lots of scabs along her back. I was horrified. I wondered what her previous owner had done to her. Within a few weeks, the scabs cleared up, but shortly after changing her food, those pesky scabs came back. I quickly they were likely either bug bites or some sort of allergic reaction. I didn’t really know which, so I switched her back to the original food the shelter had her on and then looked for a more natural shampoo alternative. Only three years later did I discovered this soap bar by Indigo Wild.

Depending on how well you keep up with me (pun intended), you know that Indigo Wild is my new obsession. I love their soaps and obviously their laundry soap! The Y.U.M. soap bar is made with pretty much all the same ingredients as the human version, but with citronella as a way to guard the babies against bug bites as they romp around the yard.

While this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as things you can buy for your dog, I hope this at least gives you a start. Personally, I’ve had my eyes on Sweet Steams Lavender’s pet spray. It doubles as a freshening spray for your dogs coat and a sleep aid, although neither Charley nor Stella need any help falling or staying asleep.

Have you spoiled your dogs with any of these items recently? Have another local business for me to try out? Let me know in the comments! Until next time.

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