I’m Kara, a 20-something English major, turned resume writer and blogger wannabe. You should probably know that I’m awkward, turn everything into an impromptu comedy show and enjoy craft fairs, a good gin & tonic and all things natural and homemade, especially bath and beauty products. I also have a pitbull named Charley and two Bantam hens named Sonny and Cher. Basically nothing about my life makes sense but then again, what about life really does?

Keeping up with the City is a little blog about about a little girl (me) trying to live a mostly local lifestyle. Kansas City has changed so much and has really developed a strong local scene, making it very possible to solely live off the small business ecosystem. While I don’t expect you to stop making Target runs, perhaps this blog will inspire you to look local before heading to Amazon to solve your problems.

Know of a place or own a business I should check out? Want to collab or just want to say hi? Drop me a line at keepingupwiththecity@gmail.com.

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