About the Blog:

I’m Kara “Cora” Johnson and welcome to my blog! Keeping up with the City is a lifestyle blog that documents my adventures  discovering the local scene around Kansas City. I have a lot of interests and my blog allows me to explore almost all of them; music, food, drinks, beauty products and interesting locals. Kansas City has a lot to offer and having been away for college means I have a lot of catching up to do. Feel free to peruse, maybe you’ll discover, or rediscover, something amazing. :]

A little about the local:

I am a class of 2014 graduate of the College of Wooster (Go Scots!) with a Bachelor’s degree in English. I’m a lifelong KC native and am still amazed at all there is to discover in my own backyard. When I’m not checking out new spots, I enjoy cooking, playing with my dogs and curling up to watch a movie.

A few of my favorite (local) things:

Questions, suggestions, just want to talk or have a cool place for me to check out? Shoot me an email at keepingupwiththecity@gmail.com (other social media outlets coming soon.)

Fellow KC Bloggers:

Non-local Loves:


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