KC Maker Faire Makes for Family Fun

Summer is the season of festivals and KC has quite the plethora of fun fests to go to. Last weekend you had Boulevardia and this past weekend was the 5th Annual Maker Faire hosted by Make magazine. This being my first year going to the Maker Faire, I had no idea what to expect, only making me more excited for I found there. The maker faire is held in many cities around the United States but each city hosts their own local makers. And maker here is used in the general sense. The maker faire hosts makers of all kinds; farmers, engineers, wood workers, metal workers, etc. Brent’s favorite part of the fair was all the science and technology tables set up throughout Union Station and I have to admit, it was kind of fun listening to him tell me how everything I didn’t understand worked. Continue reading

Boulevardia: Year two in Review

Father’s day is a busy weekend and typically means, if you’re anything like me, you’re fretting over what to get dear old dad because you can’t figure out what to buy that he won’t just buy himself. Father’s day weekend also marked Boulvardia’s 2nd “birthday”. Last year, Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewing Company created their our little country named Boulevard and crammed it with of all the things KC natives—or anyone, for that matter—love: beer, food truck food, music and local wares. From year one to year two, Boulevardia’s notoriety has only grown and gotten better. Brent, having never been a “Boulevardian” before, happily came along to embrace the magic of one of my favorite festivals. Continue reading

Reflections on Memorial Day at the WWI Museum

Diorama of men in the hellish trenches.

Diorama of men in the hellish trenches.

Last weekend, my boyfriend, Brent and I took a trip down to the WWI Museum because he loves history and I’ve never been. All my life, I have always found myself surrounded by history buffs. But, the history fanatic that stands out to me the most is my minister. He has always expressed a love of history, even going so far as attending local historical events around the city. But, it isn’t just his love of history that I admire; it’s also his ability to understand that knowledge of history will strongly affect the future. As a young girl, I didn’t quite understand just how important history was but as an older young girl, it is starting to become apparent that we have forgotten that pieces of history that make us who we are as Americans.

At the WWI Museum, you are invited to watch a film that explores the reasons why the war started in the first place. The most glaring reason; evolving and expanding ideas along with the expansion of technology. As we develop more knowledge about the world, the more compelled we are to take charge and harness that knowledge before anyone else; such was the world then and so it still is today. This seems to be one of the origins of war. Continue reading

A Local Band List

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook way back when and thought it might be a good thing to share with you folks that are interested in finding some new tunes around the KC area. Below is a list that at 90.9 radio host posted of local bands that are on Instagram. I didn’t create the list but it’s a good place to start looking for some good concerts this summer! :]
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