Self-care: You know you need it too

When I was going through my rebrand, I realized how much I really loved naturally made beauty and skincare products. That passion eventually radiated out to wanting to be more conscious of how I was not only impacting my body, my community and the environment as a whole. I knew that in doing this, I wouldn’t always do this perfectly, but I was eager to do my very best to not only support small and local businesses but also support those businesses that resonated with my ethos and pursuit to be a more conscious, holistic and intentional consumer. And it’s for all of these reasons that made attending the soft opening of Almeda, Taochemy and Hand and Land, located in the Gillham Plaza, so easy.

Coupled with, you know, a global pandemic, civil unrest, massive layoffs, and the steady atrophy the economy, I felt long overdue for some pampering and I bet it’s safe to say that you haven’t really been taking that great of care of yourself either. But, at least after reading this, you’ll have some ideas on where to go to get yourself right.

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